Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Middle of the Tribulation

As promised, I will elaborate on the middle of the Tribulation period (three-and one-half year mark), during the Seventh Seal Judgment. But first we’ll have to go back to before the Time-Line and the creation of our universe to catch us back up to what is really going on in Heaven and why this one world leader will be taken over by Satan.

Way back in eternity past, before God created his universe and earth, he created messenger spirits. These spirit beings are what we call angels. God had angels that stood around his throne and sang to him and worshiped him. The head worship angel was called Lucifer and was gifted with a voice and the knowledge of music. It was his job to lead the worship around God’s throne. Unfortunately, his talents gave him what we call “the big head” or a bad dose of pride, and he got jealous that the angels weren’t worshiping him. He decided he wanted to be like God and wanted to take over God’s place. At that point, he was kicked out of his place, but not before he spread his discontent among at least a third of the others, and they left with him. I can’t imagine any being, knowing what Heaven and God were like, would turn their backs on all of that and walk away, but he did.  (Isaiah 14: 12-19)

When God created the earth, and then created the first two people, Adam and Eve, Satan figured he could get them, and all their descendents, to follow him instead of God. When Eve listened to Satan, who disguised himself as a snake (the Bible calls him a serpent) and disobeyed God, which was the first sin or act of disobedience to the few laws that God had set up for mankind. The one law that Eve disobeyed was eating a certain fruit in the Garden they lived in – the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Satan deceived her into eating it. But Eve went to Adam and Adam listened to Eve and not God, which was blatant disobedience. God had set it up that Adam was to take care of the garden and his wife and keep Satan out, which he didn’t do very well. The rest is history – they were both kicked out of the Garden before they could eat of the other special fruit of Eternal Life. God was merciful when he kicked them out because they would have lived eternally like Satan and the angels he took with him – without ever having a chance to make it right with God and spending eternity without him.

When God kicked the first couple out of their Garden home, he told them that there would be one coming that would destroy Satan. Of course, Satan heard it, and he has tried to destroy mankind ever since. When God chose Abram to be the head of a new chosen people, the Jews, Satan realized that the chosen one would come out of that race of people, so he has tried his best to destroy them down through the centuries. And when Satan found out that God’s second spirit was born in the nation of Israel, he caused the king of the area to kill all babies that would be around the age that Jesus would be. God had told his step-dad Joseph to run to Egypt so Jesus wouldn’t be killed. Satan thought he had it made when Jesus died on the cross, but since God raised him from the dead, Satan has resumed his fight against Israel and used dictators and armies to kill as many Jews as he could. And when the church was formed, he started in on the people of the church, and has done so ever since.

All these millennia, God has allowed Satan to have an appointment in God’s throne room and allowed him to accuse God’s people. This is going to stop and Satan and all his followers will be permanently kicked out of Heaven right in the middle of the seven year Tribulation. He will be furious, and will put himself inside the world leader and use him as a puppet to rule the world and destroy as many of God’s people as he can. And he is going to use the body of the one world ruler to have the people of the world worship him, just as he wanted to be worshiped before the beginning of time.

Next post – that most terrible time of great tribulation.

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