Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Seal Judgments

Shortly after the disappearance of a large number of people, God will begin to deal with Israel’s unbelief in his Son Jesus, and with the rest of the people left on earth. These people either outright rejected God, or didn’t bother to give it a thought and have found themselves left behind in a world that will soon resemble a blockbuster disaster movie for seven years.

I’m sure you have heard the world’s politicians talk about a new world order. Even George W. Bush spoke of it, and started NAFTA, which would put the United Stated grouped with all of north and central America. In the Book of Revelation at the end of the Bible, that would be one of the 10 kingdoms spoken of. In order for one person to rule the whole world, it would have to be divided in larger groups than it is now. Many countries must be grouped together – like the European Union – in order to manage the people, wealth and resources more efficiently. With the invention of the computer and the RFID chip (you’ve seen them in the packages you’ve brought home from the store), anyone can be tracked anywhere in the world today. The technology is already in place. The RFID chip emits a radio signal that can be tracked – in the stores it must be deactivated once the product is paid for or else the receiver at the door will sound an alarm when you leave. The technology is already in place to have that chip – the size of a grain of rice – implanted into people. That is how people will be tracked.

There are 7 Seal judgments which make up the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation period on earth. You’ve heard of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse? This is where they came from. They are images of 4 things that will happen at the beginning of the Tribulation period. The first horse depicted is a white horse with a rider carrying a bow with no arrows. That means that a leader will arise (a white horse signifies conquest and generals like Napoleon rode them into battle) who will come to world power through peaceful means. That world leader is alive now and waiting in the wings to be revealed. The disappearance of many people (the church) will cause the already unstable world markets to go over the edge and probably cause a cascade effect in the banking system. We all know that many countries, the US included, is printing money in their efforts to keep their monetary systems stable. This catastrophic disappearance will likely trigger a great world stock market crash. This leader will come up with ways to fix these systems, though temporarily, and the people left on earth will demand he be their leader.

Of course, the second horse/seal judgment is the horse of war. There will always be someone who can’t be pleased, and there will be countries that won’t like the solutions, so they will go to war. Probably an escalation of war in the Middle East against Israel will be part of that war.

With war comes famine – the black horse or the third seal judgment.  Even now there many parts of the world under severe drought like the state of California. Food prices here have skyrocketed because of it. Once the bombs start dropping the the tanks start rolling all over the countryside, there will be very few crops left to feed the world’s population and many will starve.

This brings us to the 4th Seal judgment, or the 4th horse of death, the pale horse. Between the wars and the lack of food, many will starve to death and die of diseases on a scale never before seen in history. These judgments are natural judgments which come from man’s actions.

The 5th seal comprises of the saints (those who have given their lives over to Jesus) being killed for their faith. The one world leader will have his own religion and it doesn’t involve God. As I see the rapid rise of the Muslim religion and their demands that one must either accept that religion or die, it makes perfect sense to me that this would be the religion of the world leader and his religious leader.
The 6th seal is made up of turmoil in the heavens and a great earthquake. Revelation chapter 6 and verses 12-17 describe it pretty well.  The great earthquake comes at the same time that the sun turns black and the moon turns red. Stars fall from the heavens – which may be meteorites. The whole effect is so catastrophic that the rich and rulers will hide in the caves and dens, and know in their hearts that it is God’s doing. This is in preparation to the second half of the Tribulation, which is also called the Great Tribulation, when God pours his wrath down on planet earth.

The final seal judgment is two-fold. There is silence in all of Heaven because of the realization of what is to come, and it also starts the first Trumpet judgment, when God intervenes and begins to destroy the earth, one segment at a time. This will cause the death of millions of people, Jew and Gentile alike, who refused to believe God. The people who remained true to God will also be killed, since these final judgments will be worldwide.

At the very center of the 7 years two things happen. Here on earth, the world leader shows his true character. He travels to the temple in Jerusalem, which has been built in the past few years, and demands that all the people of the world worship him as a god. At this time Satan is cast out of Heaven for good, and enters into the soul of the world leader, which the Bible calls the Beast, or Antichrist.

Next post I will elaborate on these two.

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